I wrote this song as I continued in my heart for reaching people with the love of God and the message of Jesus Christ. I put this video together after the great Tidal Wave that hit Indonesia. I continued to sing this song after being in Pisco, Peru after the terrible earthquake of August 2007. 

We have to do what we can to help people in need whether they believe like us or not. Jesus taught us to feed the poor, to give drink to the thirsty, to clothe the naked, to visit the prisoners and to help the orphans and the widows. We do what we do because of the love God has shown us. We serve Him out of adoration, not an obligation. People need what we have as Christians. He promises to save all that call upon His name. Jesus Christ came into the world to save a world that was condemned because of our sin. 

In John 14 we are told by Jesus "I am the way, the truth and the light and no man can come to the Father but by me". Go and light your world with the light He has lit your life with. There is no time to delay, the order has been given by the supreme commander, Jesus Christ. Go with the love, peace, hope, and power that He gives to us by His grace. www.messageministries.org

This song is on the Soul Survivor Album.