1. Rooftop View

From the recording Rooftop View

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Rooftop View of the people in pain.
Soothe their hearts Lord with your Spirit rain.
You're the Living Word with hope to share.
Fill my heart with power to care.

You're the God of all hope.
You're the God of Compassion.
You're the God of all comfort.
And you love the world, with a heart of passion.

I look into her little brown eyes.
She cracks a smile - it seems a disguise.
For little hope and lot's of fear.
Touch her heart Lord with the Good News we share.

Help me to love, Help me to share
The burdens you will bear.
Help me to see - more than a face in the crowd.
Let their silent screams be heard out loud.
I want to give them, what you've given me.
I want to show them, what you've shown me.