What is the Lightshine Concert?

Hello Friends,

At the end of 2019, the Lord laid it on my heart to prepare for music ministry again. When I heard that still, small voice, something leaped in my heart, and I knew it was the Lord. I still had some doubts, but then my wife confirmed it, too. 

Thirty-five years ago we launched out by faith with the Messages That Matter album and concert.  We hit the road ministering through music and evangelism from 1986 to 1994 with the concerts Messages that Matter, Straight From the Heart, and Hearts on Fire. I've done some music ministry since then—for one, my son and I recorded several albums together. But besides that, I was mainly leading worship at various churches, and working in world missions. But there I was—thirty-five years older, and the Holy Spirit was activating me in itinerant music ministry again, and I knew it. The good thing is I’ve been writing songs, recording music, and putting together lyric videos over the past few years, so I was already prepared for this reactivation in music ministry. 

As I prayed further about this, the Holy Spirit gave me the name for the concert I was to prepare; LIGHTSHINE. Then I began to pray about which songs to include in the concert. I have to say I was somewhat astonished at how many songs I had written that already fit with the theme.  I had already made lyric videos for many of those songs, too. These videos are somewhat like my old slide shows, where the clips accentuate the song's message to make a more profound impact. 

Through LIGHTSHINE, I hope to spark a revival in the hearts of believers to go out in the power of the Holy Spirit and be the light of the world. I want to inspire listeners to come into His presence and then go out with His presence—that’s the only way we can be the light Jesus called us to be! Jesus calls us: "Let your LIGHT SHINE before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven” (Matthew 5:16). 

My vision for this concert is to equip God's people to advance God's invasion of light in this very crucial hour of our nation's history, as well as to shine His light worldwide through missions. Let me clarify; LIGHTSHINE is not political; it's about seeking first the Kingdom of God, rescuing lost souls, and living as faithful ambassadors of Jesus as we battle the Kingdom of Darkness. I’m working on an evangelistic version of LIGHTSHINE, but it’s not complete, although we can have an evangelistic emphasis if needed. 

The LIGHTSHINE concert is saturated with God's Word and would fit in any meeting at the church. The concert includes acoustic guitar, harmonica, and me singing with video soundtracks and some acoustic-only songs. 

We are scheduling now for 2024 and would love to hear from you about ministering at your church or ministry. 

God bless you, 

Brian Mark Weller