From the recording Rooftop View

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Coming back like a thief in the night!
Gonna’ cut through the dark
with the sword of His might.
Every knee will bow at God’s command!
Jesus is coming to make things right
A promise He made to the children of light.
At the right time He’s taking us home!

The signs of the times are everywhere
Earthquakes, war and famine here and there
It’s the last days but we don’t need to fear
Our God is on the throne - we are not alone.

We’ve got no time to waste my friend
Got a job to do before the very end!
Jesus said GO – that was His command!
Wanna take it to the ends of the Earth
The Good News of the Second Birth,
God still loves the world - So shout it out!

I’m an alien and a stranger
This world is not my home
Heaven is - for eternity.
I’ll stand before Jesus
Enter His promised land.
I hope hear Him say “Well done”

Jesus is coming back again! Maranatha!
To take all His people Home. Maranatha!
Jesus is coming back again! Maranatha!
Forever we’ll be with the Lord!