I wrote this song as a message to today's church. In many ways, we are so distracted by the ways of the world that have invaded the modern church. We build, we buy, we entertain ourselves and others. It seems in many respects we've let go of the Great Commission. It truly is time to capture the heart of the church in the book of Acts, they lived for God and for one another. The call of Jesus Christ to make disciples of all men was first and nothing was allowed to get in the way of fulfilling this Great Commission.

God is sounding the alarm and it is time to wake from our spiritual slumber and fight the good fight of faith. Many lost, lonely and hurt people wait to hear the life-saving message of Jesus Christ. Without Him they face an eternity of separation from God in hell, yes it is a real place and God sent Jesus as the Savior, as the way to the Father in heaven! We are Christ's ambassadors.

This song is on the Time to Tell Album.