1. Run

From the recording Rooftop View

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I’m gonna run - like never before.
Hand to the plow - knees to the floor.
Take up my cross - follow Him.
Eyes on the prize - I run to win.

I’m gonna run - run the race,
A cloud of friends in a heavenly place.
Set my heart on - things above.
Jesus Christ and God’s great love.

I’m Gonna Run, run the race (Repeat)
I’m Gonna Run with the winds of His grace. (Repeat)

I’m Gonna run – won’t turn around.
My feet are planted on His - holy ground
Heard the call – the Shepherds voice.
To follow Him – that’s my choice.

I’m gonna run – I’m gonna sing.
For the glory of the - Risen King.
No one else is - due the fame.
Every knee will bow to – Jesus Name.