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American Christian

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Thirty-five years ago, I wrote and recorded a song called American Christian. Some of you may remember it! In the late '80s and early 90's God opened doors to sing it at hundreds of churches, youth groups, on the streets, and many pro-life events. I believe it is just as relevant today as it was then, and perhaps more! We must get more vocal in defense of unborn children as ambassadors of Jesus Christ. I pray this song inspires us all to do just that!

Recording note:
My son, JJ Weller, and I collaborated on this updated version of the song. Besides acoustic guitar, lead vocals, and harmonica, JJ did the rest, including bass, drum programming, piano, organ, synths, electric guitars, and background vocals.


From purple mountain majesties,
to the amber waves of grain
Unborn children are sacrificed
their bodies racked with pain.
From sea to shining sea
the unborn children die.
I dreamed I saw Jesus
tears were flowing from His eyes.
(He was saying to me)

Hey American Christian,
it’s time to take a stand.
Hey American Christian,
let’s rise up across the land.

From our local city halls
to the halls of Washington.
The people come to plead their cause
Save the whales, the trees, the guns.
We in answer to a higher call
start our fight down on our knees.
Here I am, send me Lord
Use me as you please. And He said!

If my people who are called by my name
will humble themselves and pray.
Seek my face and turn from their worldly ways.
Then I will hear from heaven.
Yes, I will hear from heaven.
Yes, I will hear and will heal their land.

Satan vows to fool the world
possessed by his evil scheme.
We watch it while it happens
asleep in our American Dream.
We war and evil empire
of demons we can’t see.
Our weapons they are mighty
to pull down the enemy.