Nail It to the Door

Brian Mark Weller

NAIL IT TO THE DOOR was written and recorded to be a clarion call to Christians everywhere. My prayer is that these songs will inspire, challenge and encourage us all to go deeper in our relationship and commitment to the Lord Jesus.

Brian has been writing music since 1975 and recording Christian music since 1986. He's recorded 7 studio albums since then including: Messages that Matter, Straight From the Heart, Hearts on Fire, Still Life and Time to Tell. His music is varied and covers different genres including: acoustic, folk rock, CCM and rock.

His heart is to inspire listeners to make the most out of life by forming a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and serving God with their whole heart. His music inspires listeners to go out and make a difference! To live by faith! To live for something bigger than themselves! Brian is the founder of Message Ministries and Missions Inc. and is heavily involved in mission work in Peru, Southeast Asia and in North India.

Before his newest album "Nail it to the Door", Brian's last solo album was in 2005. Since that time he has been recording music with his son JJ Weller and their band "Weller". They released "Brighter is the Light" in 2010, the "Home at Last" EP in 2012, and the "Rooftop View" EP under the name Brian Mark Weller and JJ Weller in 2014. Brian plays acoustic guitar and harmonica.

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