From the recording Brighter is the Light


When things around you crumble,
nothing seems to go your way.
Your dreams seem to tumble,
out of reach and far away.

You need something to hold on too,
to somehow get you through
With a lifeline from heaven
God reaches out to rescue you.
To rescue you! To rescue you!

God is in control, His eyes on you and me!
God is in control, for now and all eternity!
God is in control, taking care of you and me!
God is in control!

He says don’t let your heart be troubled,
I’ve got you in my hand.
There’s nothing that’s too hard for you,
if in my grace you’ll stand.

So to your knees you fall
and call upon His name.
The love of Jesus carries you
through each struggle and each pain.
He hears your prayers,
He takes your cares!