1. Go

From the recording Brighter is the Light


Do you want to know the truth?
Do you want to close your eyes?
Do you want to put your head under the sand
instead of running for the prize?
The time is now to take the call of God!
And wont you run with it, and do what he says do?

Some people seem to think if they don’t look;
the problem might just go away.
Jesus said the poor you’ll always have with you till resurrection day.
“What you do to the least of these you do to me”
That’s what Jesus said. Are you treating Jesus right?

Go and tell them all! You know the way to heaven’s door
Go and tell them all

I know the time is short my friends
God’s winding down this world’s Clock of Time
Soon I’ll stand before the Lord to give account for this life of mine.
This world will end and God will reign,
will you have lived your life in vain? Do you live your life in vain?