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  1. Is It a Baby?

From the recording Messages That Matter

I recorded this song in 1986 because I wanted to speak out on behalf of the pre-born children because every unborn baby is a pre-born child. A pre-born child created by God and given as a gift to the woman who holds that child in her womb. Unless something or someone interferes with that pregnancy that pre-born child will be born a child and with many of it's parents characteristics. This is by God's design! Every child is meant to be a treasure to the woman and family it is born into. I was a pre-born child, you were a pre-born child and we grew to the place in our mothers womb that we couldn't fit anymore and we were born. An pre-born child's heart begins beating at 6 weeks, his or her brain functions are working, and the pre-born child reacts to things that affect the mother including the food she eats and the things she drinks while she is pregnant.

At the Museum of Science in Industry in Chicago I saw a display of pre-born children who died for medical reasons while in the womb and they were put on display at the museum so that people could see the development of a pre-born child. After seeing that display I knew I had to speak out and sing out more on behalf of these innocent pre-born babies.

The song title is "Is It a Baby?" and the answer is 100% yes. Please do not listen to those who would try to deceive you into thinking the pre-born child is no more than a blob of tissue. If that were true, when in the pregnancy process did you and I morph into being humans. Today in America, people can have abortions past the time that a preemie baby can survive outside of the womb. You are important to God and that pre-born child is too! Please don't end "its" life before he or she has a chance to live. If you can't take care of a child there are multitudes of families waiting to adopt because they can't get pregnant.

If you have had an abortion, just ask God for forgiveness, this song is not meant to condemn you or to judge you. God will forgive anything if we come to him and ask him. He will tell us to go and "sin no more" as he said to Mary Magdalene. We cannot excuse things that a wrong but God will forgive us if we repent and ask for that forgiveness. There are many women who have had abortions and realized later the mistake they made. They are now speaking out to help others who have done the same thing and now regret it. God loves you and will do the same for you.


Is it a baby wrapped inside you, or is it to early to know?
A little heart beats while many pretend it has no mind body or soul.
God knows just who they are and who they're supposed to be.
And says woe to those who would hurt one of these.

Is that a baby in anguishing pain, with salt burning through "it's" eyes?
Arms desperately reach for moments of life,
But no one seems to hear the cries.
But God knows, He watches it all. He knows just whose to blame
For the death of the child who never had a name.

Yes, it's a baby wrapped inside you, that you are standing ready to kill.
For selfish desires will you murder a child, that waits to be loved by you still.
You're it's only hope to survive, it's a part of you, you're going to let die
For a few moments of pain and a lifetime full of regrets.

You were a baby, a treasured prize wrapped safely in your mother's womb.
He wants to love you, give him a chance to live
Oh let your heart make room for the life God wants to give.
She wants to love you, give her a chance to live.
Oh let your heart make room for the life God wants to give.
Oh let your heart make room for the life God wants to give.