1. Freely

From the recording Time to Tell


We live like kings in a world of hunger.
We eat meat while we throw them bread.
We're never going to live life to the fullest.
Until we see our old lives as dead.

Freely, we have received freely give to Him.
Freely, we have received freely live for Him.

Jesus gave His life so we could live bought us with a price now it's our time to give.
Find a need but do more than pray,
The time is now my friend, to give your love away.

Love God, with all of your heart
Love God with all of your mind.
Love God with all of your soul and strength
and you won't be left behind.

Tithe, fast, pray, go to church all the time
Convince each other, “you’re doing just fine”
In our hearts, God hears us say
“this part of my life is yours Lord,
but this other part is mine, is that ok”.
I still think I hear Him say