From the recording Hearts on Fire


Jesus knelt in the garden,
where He sweat drops of blood as He did pray.
Soon to be greeted by the kiss of a friend,
Judas is coming to betray Him away.

He was strapped like meat to the whipping post.
39 times He proved He loved us the most.
His blood dots the trail to Calvary's hill,
The nails split His flesh and He proved He loved us still.

Oh Death, where is thy sting?
From the dead God will raise Jesus the King. (2 times)

His body has died but He'll live forever.
He stationed His heart in the Father's hands.
He's huddled inside the womb of the earth,
to be born again, never to die.

The brilliance of light filled the tomb,
as He rose from the dead to seal Satan's doom.
He descended to hell to retrieve the keys
to death and the grace,
He let all the prisoners free.

Oh, Death, where is thy sting?
From the dead, God did raise Jesus the King!