1. Hearts On Fire

From the recording Hearts on Fire


Something happened while praying in the upper room’
God opened the door of my heart and He filled every room
The Holy Spirit moved on in, He brought a holy fire within.

There’s a dance in my step, since you filled my heart with your song.
The sorrow that filled my heart at your death, Lord it’s gone!
No more chains of fear to hold me down
I’m going to spread the Good News all around this town!
I’m going to spread it around.

There’s a Heart of Fire burning in me. A Heart of Fire in my soul.
There’s a Heart of Fire burning in me.

The fire is the desire, to live for you!
I’m going to live for you.

There’s a light in my eyes, since your Spirit lit His flame in me.
Darkness left at a run, never looking back to see.
He retreated in holy fear, the Spirit of the Lord is a living right here.
He’s a living right here.