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Nail It to the Door

by Brian Mark Weller

Released 03/25/2016
Released 03/25/2016
3/25/16 RELEASE DATE: NAIL IT TO THE DOOR was written and recorded to be a clarion call to Christians everywhere. My prayer is that these songs will inspire, challenge and encourage us all to go deeper in our relationship and commitment to the Lord Jesus.
  • 03:59 Download Story Lyrics Fly Like an Eagle


    I look around the world and I want to, shine some light.

    I see so many wrongs and I want to, make some right.

    I look at myself and say. What can I do?

    God said “Look at me, not at you.”  


    You'll fly like an eagle, God’s Spirit in you.

    You'll run and not grow weary, your destinies true.

    The sky’s not the limit, with Jesus in you.

    So fly!  It’s time to fly - like an eagle fly.


    When we hear the call of God, Do we close our ears?

    Hearts so cold we can’t shed a tear?

    Do we preach the truth, while we’re living a lie?

    Shake the dust from your feet, it’s time to arise.


    We’re seated in heavenly places,

    Ever since our knees hit the ground.

    We’re living in God’s Graces,

    It’s time to spread the Good News all around.

  • 04:06 Story Lyrics Revelation 3


    How? How did we get so lost, since we were found?

    How did we roam so far, since you turned our lives around?

    How did we get so trapped, in the maze of mediocrity?

    How did we get so blind, when you gave us eyes to see?           


    Jesus, I come to give my all to you, you gave your all for me.

    Jesus, we’ve become what you describe in Revelation three.


    How? How do we waste our lives, on many foolish things?

    We give so little time to the King of Kings.

    How do we get from here, to the center of your will?

    How do we keep from going farther still?  


    Your word is the lamp that guides our feet.

    Your Spirit is the oil that makes the journey sweet. 

    Apart from you we can do nothing.

    That brings glory to my King,

    VERSE 3

    Behold, I stand at the door and knock. 

    If anyone hears my voice; and opens up the door.

    I will come in and dine with you, and you with me.


    Jesus I come to give my all to you, you gave your all for me.                             

    We don’t want to be the Laodacean church

    In Revelation three.

    If anyone has an ear, let them hear

    What the Spirit says to the churches.

  • 03:02 Story Lyrics The Lamp


    The churches are filled Sunday mornings. 

    The people are bringing their tithes.

    But are we like the five foolish virgins

    Or are we like the five wise?

    Our songs are sung oh so sweetly,

    As we lift up our hands towards the sky.

    But are our hearts far from Him,

    As we sing our praises so high?

    As we reach our hands towards the sky.


    Are our lamps trimmed and burning brightly? 

    Are we redeeming the time? 

    Are we taking all this too lightly?

    Jesus could call any time!  Jesus could call any time!                 


    God doesn’t judge by appearance,

    His searchlight is scanning my heart.

    What may seem right to do, may be wrong,

    If the motives not pure in my heart.

    If the motives not pure in my heart.


    His Spirit is the oil that brings the lamp to a light. 

    He raises the flame from a flicker,

    As He floods us with power and might. 

    As He floods us with power and light.

  • 03:49 Story Lyrics Asleep in the Light

    VERSE 1

    We’re asleep in the light, act like everything’s alright.

    While the world screams for hope all around us.

    We build church fairy lands, because we don’t understand

    What Jesus meant when He said He’d build His Kingdom.

    We know what we must do.  Yes, the laborers are few.

    By His Spirit we can do all things.


    What will we do for Jesus now?  What will you do for Jesus now?  

    Will we take up our Cross, count everything as loss?

    To fulfill God’s plan!

    VERSE 2

    We’re asleep in the light, while the worlds in the night,

    Stumbling all around us.

    It’s time to open up our eyes, and run for the prize

    And give our all for those Jesus died for.

    This world is heading to hell, and we’re afraid to tell.

    Is it because we don’t care?


    Many tithes are wasted on needless things.

    Many leaders let themselves be, treated like kings.

    One day we’ll stand before the Lord, our dead works will be burned.

    Let’s not wait til the Judgement seat to finally learn.

  • 04:33 Download Story Lyrics A Light in the Darkness


    There is a light shining in the darkness.

    There is a hope breaking through.

    There is a light shining in the darkness,

    And it traces back to you.

    VERSE 1                     

    You care about the hurting and the hungry.

    Your prayer to God is “What can I do?”

    God smiles when He hears you praying

    And you end with “I will go for you!”

    VERSE 2         

    You reach the world from right where you live

    You are learning what it means to freely give.

    You preach Redemptions story near and far

    Around the world and right where you are.

    VERSE 3         

    You care about the lost and the dying

    Those trapped by the darkness within.

    You live to bring the message of salvation

    Jesus frees from the bondage of sin.


    I want to go, I want to give, I want to live for you,

    In everything I do and all I say, I want to walk your narrow way. 

    Show the world you really care, I will go and will not fear

    And be your light in the darkness, your light in the darkness. 

    Your light in the darkness today!     

  • 03:31 Story Lyrics Apostles' Creed

    VERSE 1

    I believe in God, the Father almighty, 

    Creator of heaven and earth. 

    I believe in Jesus Christ, God's only Son, our Lord, 
    Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit. 
    Born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, 
    was crucified, died, and was buried; 
    He descended to the dead.  On the third day he rose again;
    He ascended into heaven.

    VERSE 2

    He is seated, at the right hand of the Father,
    And He will come again to judge, the living and the dead. 

    I believe in the Holy Spirit, and the holy Christian church, 

    The communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins,
    The resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting.

    Amen.  Amen.  Amen.  


    I believe in God, The Father Almighty.

    I believe in God, Jesus Christ.

    I believe in God, The Holy Spirit.

    I believe in God, Three in One.                       

  • 03:09 Download Story Lyrics Never Gonna Leave You

    VERSE 1

    When things are tough, He’ll make a way for you. Yes you.

    When things are rough, He will break through for you.

    It’s true. Remember.


    He’s Never gonna leave you.

    Never gonna leave you, alone. Oh No. (Jesus)

    VERSE 2

    When the light has faded and it feels like He’s walked away. From you.

    Remember the promises He has made to you.  Yes you.  Remember.


    When you call He answers.  Get on your knees and pray.

    When you call He answers.  He’ll make a way.

    Oh! I know He’ll make a way for you.  Our God is true.

    VERSE 3

    When your hearts heavy and you feel like you can’t go on, anymore.

    Look to Jesus and to all the pain He bore for you. Remember.


    He’s the Faithful One. He’s the Mighty One. He’s the Prince of Peace.

    He’s the Great I Am. He’s the Rock of all ages. He is God!

  • 03:03 Story Lyrics Robbers in the Father's House

    VERSE  1

    There are robbers in the Father’s house.

    There are robbers in the Father’s house.

    They charge a fee to preach His name.

    All works will be tried by God’s fiery flame

    VERSE 2

    There are wolves in sheep’s clothing beware. (Beware)

    There are wolves in sheep’s clothing beware. (Beware)

    They’ll invade your home through the TV screen.

    Call that number, send us your seed of faith.

    BIBLE VERSES - John 2:14-16

    And JESUS found in the temple those who sold oxen and

    sheep and doves, and the money changers doing business. 

    When He had made a whip of cords, He drove them all out

    of the temple, with the sheep and the oxen, and poured out

    the changers’ money and overturned the tables.

     And He said to those who sold doves, “Take these things away!

    Do not make My Father’s house a house of merchandise!”

    VERSE 3

    There are robbers in the Father’s house. (In the Father’s House)

    There are robbers in the Father’s house. (In the Father’s House)

    They spend your money on worldly things.

    Some preachers live like corporate kings.

    BIBLE VERSES – Revelation 3:19-20

    And Jesus said “Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline.

    So be earnest and repent. Here I am! I stand at the door and knock.

    If anyone hears my voice and opens the door,

    I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.”

  • 03:45 Story Lyrics Megachurch Madness (A Parody)

    VERSE 1

    Welcome to the glow of this “Church” family.

    We spare no expense to show, what we can be.

    We’ve got coffee bars, twin guitars, HD video screens.

    Our Kid’s Zone was copied from a Disney theme.


    The worlds out dying in the cold. But let’s just stay in here.

    Cause our fires nice and warm. Do we really care?


    When the band starts to play, people stand to their feet.

    Our PA is a digital dream, they say “just can’t be beat.”

    We spare no expense, so God could hear every word.

    The Lord “released” us to buy the best.

    I know that sounds absurd.  (REPEAT CHORUS)


    VERSE 3

    Our leaders said the Lord said, “Bring an offering.”

    We need to reach our city with, a new sports wing. (I can hardly wait.)

    God provides the very best, we agreed to pay the bill.

    God provided every “need”, it only cost 5 mill.


    Turn on the amps, light up the board, let the stage lights glow

    And open up the doors. It’s 11:00am on a Sunday morn,

    And it’s time, yes it’s time, for the show.


    Wow the sound in this place is amazing. Look at the HD video screens.

    God must love this place. I’m sure He does.  He loves HD you know.

    And like our leaders said “We should only give the best to God.”

    Think about it, is this what Jesus meant when He said

    “I will build my church and the gates of hell won’t prevail against it.”? NO.

    Jesus stands at the door and knocks, won’t we let Him in.

    Time to get on our knees church and turn from our sin.

  • 03:04 Download Story Lyrics Praise His Name

    VERSE 1

    Lift up your voice, praise His name.

    Come on everybody trust the Lord, He’s evermore the same.

    He’s the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End.

    The Savior of the World and He is my Friend


    I Praise your name. Jesus, I thank you that you came. 

    To make the way of grace, on the cross, you took this sinners place.

    VERSE 2

    Clap your hands, praise His name.

    Come on everybody, love the Lord, He took all our shame.

    He’s the Light of the World. The Great High Priest too.

    Think of all the things, He has done for you. (Repeat Chorus)


    God you’re my desire. I want to walk in Holy Spirit fire.

    I will follow where you lead and be your light to the world.

    VERSE 3

    Lift up your hands, praise his name.

    Come on everybody, worship at His throne of grace.

    He is the God of all hope.  The Great I am.

    I am sanctified, justified by His plan.

    CHORUS 2

    I Praise your name. Jesus, I thank you that you came. 

    To make the way of grace, on that cross, you took this sinners place.


  • 03:48 Download Story Lyrics Mercy is Waiting

    VERSE 1

    I’ve got a hope, I’ve got a dream.

    Cause I’ve got a God who’s real to me.

    He hears the prayers of a tender heart.

    He’s always there when things are falling apart.

    When things are falling apart.


    Mercy is waiting for you.  He has grace to see us through.

    Mercy is waiting. He said He’d never leave you.

    Mercy is waiting for you. Mercy is waiting.

    Oh I know He’ll see you through.

    His mercy is waiting, for you, for you.

    His mercy is waiting for you.

    VERSE 2

    God has a hope God has a dream,

    To help the hurting heart in need.

    He gave Jesus to make a way.

    He gave you faith for this very day.

    Faith for this day.  His mercy is waiting for you. 

    VERSE 3

    I’ve got a hope, I’ve got a dream.

    Cause I’ve got a God who’s real to me.

    He hears the prayers of a tender heart.

    He’s always there when things are falling apart.

    When things are falling apart.

    That’s when His mercy is waiting for you.

    CHORUS 2

    Mercy, sweet mercy, is waiting for you.

    Oh I know He’ll never leave you.

    His mercy is waiting for you.

    Every moment of every day.

    Just call on the name of Jesus.

    He’ll be there for you. Oh cause He cares for you.

    Jesus cares for you. Mercy is waiting for you.

Brian has been writing music since 1975 and recording Christian music since 1986. He's recorded 7 studio albums since then including: Messages that Matter, Straight From the Heart, Hearts on Fire, Still Life and Time to Tell. His music is varied and covers different genres including: acoustic, folk rock, CCM and rock.

His heart is to inspire listeners to make the most out of life by forming a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and serving God with their whole heart. His music inspires listeners to go out and make a difference! To live by faith! To live for something bigger than themselves! Brian is the founder of Message Ministries and Missions Inc. and is heavily involved in mission work in Peru, Southeast Asia and in North India.

Before his newest album "Nail it to the Door", Brian's last solo album was in 2005. Since that time he has been recording music with his son JJ Weller and their band "Weller". They released "Brighter is the Light" in 2010, the "Home at Last" EP in 2012, and the "Rooftop View" EP under the name Brian Mark Weller and JJ Weller in 2014. Brian plays acoustic guitar and harmonica.