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God Help Us!

God help us!

1) Help us to be true to you.

2) Help us to always hold your Word as Ultimate Truth and to never compromise it's meaning for the sake of political correctness.

3) Help us to always seek to walk in holiness and to not abuse your grace in any way, shape or form.

4) Help us to cling to you in a world where so many are letting go of You and substituting You in their lives with lesser gods.

5) Help us to always love, while realizing love isn't affirming each other when we are wrong, but rather speaking the truth in love as an ambassador of you and Your Kingdom.

6) Help us to remember, it is you who are our judge and not a human court. 

7) Help us to always consult with you and your Word in making decisions regarding our lives.

8) Forgive us for the times we have fallen short in these things and have even committed deliberate sins against you and each other.

In the mighty all powerful name of Jesus, Amen

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