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A Note to Fathers


20140614-180028-64828697.jpgIf you are like me, your children are on the top of your list of what is and who is most important in your life. They bring us so much joy, and have added and still add so much to our lives.


They love us even when we have failed them, misjudged them or overreacted in anger or criticism. They know we are imperfect, just as we know we are! They know our strengths and our weaknesses but mostly they know our hearts! They know and can sense that our hearts are for them, that we are standing with them, and that we are their biggest fans!!


Sometimes God gives us opportunities to bring a word that comforts them in a trial or challenges them when they need to just keep pressing on in the face of adversity or rejection. Our calling as Father’s is a high calling and one that we count as a privilege and honor to have.


Being a bit older now, I admit I would have done some things differently when my children were younger. There are so many things I wish I would have learned 30 years ago when our first wonderful child was born. But that isn’t how life works! We don’t know all the answers! We have to seek them in God’s word and from others who have gained wisdom on Fatherhood from walking the path of life with their children. Fatherhood is about loving, growing, sharing, changing and learning what is most important in life. I for one, still have so much to learn! How about you?


Before I end up writing a whole booklet here, I just want to say to you Father’s. Let’s grow close to our Heavenly Father and seek to know His heart of love for His children, that includes us. That’s the example we need to follow, and in doing so, our children will grow to be who God has called them to be and we will be the Father’s God has called us to be.



Lastly, let me say enjoy your children, they truly are a gift from the Lord! For you younger fathers, please remember, they are going to grow up and be gone from your house just as quick as “older”people say they will. Let’s take every opportunity to love on them, build them up, encourage them, discipline them in love when they need it, and to always be their biggest fan.


Take it from me, don’t speak things to quickly or harshly. If you do, you will say things you will wish you had never said. Our words have a bigger impact than we realize in our children’s lives. So let’s do our best to give them the best of our time, our energies and our focus, just like God gives us His!


I pray you enjoy your Father’s Day with your children, let them love on you as you celebrate their lives and while you’re at it, thank their mother for being so amazing and for their part in making such wonderful children! Most of all thank God for giving you those amazing children and for you loving you with His whole heart.


Blessed to be a Father,



PS – To you fathers who have lost children on this side of life, my heart breaks for you, but please remember that because of you and your child’s faith in Jesus Christ, one day you will be reunited, and you will give each other the biggest hug ever. God is going to give you an eternity together, one that will truly wipe away all you tears. That is the same for you children who have lost your fathers. I pray God’s comfort and grace to fall upon you today as you reflect on your lives together.

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